Culebra, Puerto Rico

The weather wasn’t too good during the first few days in Puerto Rico. With the hope of seeing more sun, we began our trip early on Tuesday morning towards Culebra. The boat ride over was pretty rough.

We walked from the docks to our hostel and the owner forced us away from our room after we checked in, saying we shouldn’t waste time inside a room when on this island. He gave us recommendations for the first day.

Tamarindo beach was our first stop. Swam around for a while with Matt and Indi until we saw some turtles. So beautiful and peaceful creatures. Just floating around like there’s no troubles at all.

My grumpy turtle friend

We continued our day at the famous Flamenco beach. First thing was to find the tank and take some photos of it. We saw some rain coming in from far away but it just missed us. The waves got bigger and bigger, and it was pretty exhausting to fight them. But we struggled through like children for many hours in the water. So much fun!

Flamenco beach tank and bad weather incoming

We rented a golf cart on the second day so we easily could access lots of different beaches. Handling of the golf cart wasn’t the best, especially when the hills were very steep at some points. First beach we went to was Zoni beach. Very quiet and not many people at all there. Immediately jumped in and started snorkling. After 5 minutes I came across some jellyfish. Wasn’t expecting those little fellas coming so close to me so I got a bit afraid and swam to shore. 

Five people crammed on the small golf cart. Happy ride!
Zone beach Culebra
Zoni beach Culebra

Eventually we started to get hungry. Set of towards the small food shops at Flamenco beach. I had some shark nuggets. Must’ve been a crazy guy who came up with the idea of shark nuggets. Tasted okay. Even gave a little bite to my fellow cat friend. And loads of water. The cat was sooo thirsty.

Shark nuggets
Shark nuggets

We set off towards Carlos Rosario beach after our meal. It was about a 15-20min hike to get there. The beach was beautiful and most of the time,  we were the only ones there. There’s a beautiful coral reef with lots of different fishes and organisms. Even got along with my nemesis, the jellyfish.. Filmed him this time without freaking out too much. Probably not the same jellyfish but I guess it was his cousin. Also got to see a lionfish, an eel, lots of different types of fish in different sizes and colors. Same with coral.

Awesome sunset on Culebra at Carlos Rosario beach
Awesome sunset on Culebra at Carlos Rosario beach

Had some beer in the evening and discussed with nice people living at the same hostel. Got picked up by Nese and Indi later on. Went on a night cruise with our golf cart. Wasn’t drunk enough to not be terrified by their driving hahah.. We drove to flamenco beach and I took a night swim. So cool to only hear waves hitting the beach in complete darkness.

Some final pics worth showing..


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Culebra, Puerto Rico

  1. Shark nuggets … Haha. Heard it all now. Seriously what a great website and so well written with amazing pictures. Feels like we are all with you ! Rain wind and cold here mate. No good pictures to send you back !! Keep up the good work and enjoy it all Toni.

    1. Great hearing that you are following and like the site Colin! Haha yeah, when my friend told me about ‘shark nuggets’, I thought she made a joke. But then I saw the menu and just had to order them. Take care and a höga kusten cheer for me at Riddaren next time!

      1. Did a cheers for you in Riddarn tonight Toni. Can we leave pics back to you in the comments ?? I don’t think so.

        1. Wow nice! Glad to hear. No it wasn’t possible earlier but I added the feature to upload pictures now! Hope you’re doing well Colin 🙂

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