Get wet in Barbados

First a little about Dominica and the trip to Barbados

Now a quickie about Dominica first. Maybe I was a bit harsh on the country in my last post. That was not the purpose. Dominica is such a nature island, with all kinds of wild life, lots of great hiking to be done and very friendly people. I totally recommend it for all persons who like nature.

One crazy thing was that the airport tax wasn’t included on the airplane ticket. Without knowing I had to pay $20 US extra. That was not the flight companies fault since it is included at other airports but wasn’t possible at this one. No ATM around either. I was lucky I could scramble together some US dollar and some East caribbean dollars and together pay the fee. The airport still didn’t have an x-ray machine for the checked luggage as I was informed they will go through my bag manually.

A very odd circumstance occured during my flights to and from Dominica. On the way from Antigua to Dominca I got a window seat next to a Canadian girl. Nothing special here, borrowed her pen to fill out the immigration form and then fell a sleep.
On the way from Dominica, the same thing happened. I sat down in the same seat (yes, same seatnumber and spot) next to the window and after a couple of minutes the same girl got the same seat next to me. That was totally random and a bit creepy even… But we laughed about it. Apparently she’s traveling around a lot because of her job.


Down in Barbados. Since my last money was taken from me at the airport in Dominica (stupid fee), I had to hit an ATM before getting to the guesthouse. You could call it my first steps on this island, considering the airport grounds as still international… Went to the ATM from the taxi, was out for 5 seconds before some rasta guy offered me to buy some green. Must be a world record haha!

Currency Barbados
The currency in Barbados is Barbadian (bajan) dollars.

Rio Guesthouse and a beach walk

Staying at the same guesthouse my whole stay here. 10 days in the same room is awesome and I got lots of uni work to get done.
First evening was spent with some people here at the guesthouse.
Second day was a 18 hour day in front of the computer, with the few exceptions of buying breakfast, beer, some dinner and cooking dinner.
Went to sleep at 3:45 in the morning and had to get up 7:45 to be on a seminar which took me about 1½ hours.
Finally it was time for me to see Barbados. Took the bus going north along the west coast to Speightstown. From there, me and Nick walked along the beaches south for many hours. The beaches never end and the best thing is that there’s no seaweed!
I was so tired that I thought about trying to sleep when floating in the water. The feeling of floating around in silence is unexplainable. It’s something that every person should experience. I’ve heard of some water therapy thing that is supposed to be very nice. Floating around in the ocean is the same thing. No noise at all except some waves and yourself. The other thing would be lying on the beach during night time and just listening to the waves. It’s so calming and nice.

One of the beaches on our walk
One of the beaches on our walk
Found a good looking tree on the beach
Found a good looking tree on the beach

Dover beach and football

Don’t remember which of the days me and Danny went to Dover beach. We met up with Nick who wanted to join us. This guy is crazy. 100% special guy with crazy things going on in his head. No one at the hostel liked him because he always were mad about something, saying very bad things to all the women and usually men. I don’t want to go deeper into his personality. But the time both at the hostel and the beach, when Nick was with me or Danny. He was very calm, except for not being able to sit still. Some things just made him very angry and he had issues controlling it.
We spent 4-5 hours on the beach playing football, swimming, sunbathing and drinking beer. Overall a good day at the beach.

Just relaxing while the others played football
Just relaxing while the others played football

Party night

Had several days of uni work to do on this island. 6.5 out of 10 days was spent in front of the computer.  My work was going very good for a while, doing lots of things in a small amount of time but then i hit a wall. Tried my best to get past it but nothing worked. This made me follow a german and Danny to a party. It was crazy. Got free drinks for the whole night for only €25. Had a great time at the party but it could actually been more focused on the beach. The caribbean is all about the beach, why is it so difficult to find a beach party? Later on we found some other gringos that we joined for the next party. Don’t want to tell how we got there (CHAAAAAAAARLIE)… We had a great time, everyone left and I stayed with the bajan people. Played some pool with Robert, a bajan guy. Came back to the hostel at 7am, cooked some food while a couple of other guests were doing breakfast. Went to sleep and woke up at 1pm. Felt a little bit hungover but it wasn’t too bad. Bought some water and chocolate from the closest minimarket and it was all good again. The night out was crazy and we had so much fun.

Unhappy with my camera, tried some new settings while still being hungover

Crane Beach and inside jokes

Me and Danny (from Switzerland) went the next day to Crane beach. The beach could’ve been one of the most beautiful ones ever if it wasn’t because of sea weed coming the night before. Had like 4 great coconut drinks messing with my head. Otherwise it was a great beach even though waves were strong. It was cool going up at the side of the beach to see the ocean from another perspective. My coconut dealer tried to step up the game a little by offering me some weed. Told him that I can’t do such things in a foreign country were it’s illegal and I’m the whitest fucker on the island. His response was so awesome.
-“This if not Afghanistan, this is Barbados!”
Got back to the hostel and had plans too continue my uni work but it didn’t work out. Still had major issues without knowing why.
Danny and I had so much fun and had many inside jokes about everything. Rubbish, Jamaican women, Brixton. Also the response at the beach about Barbados not being Afghanistan. A guy had a shirt (which we looked for everywhere but without any result). The shirt had a big text on the back side saying “Get wet in Barbados”. Legendary thing!
Along all roads on the telephone poles there were signs saying “Jesus is coming”. All the things just added up for a hilarous experience!

Enjoying the views at Crane beach

Failed photoshoot by night

I saw that all planes arriving to Barbados could be seen from Dover beach. It was a 3 minute walk from the guesthouse. Decided that I wanted to try and do a long exposure photograph of one of the airplanes coming in for a landing. Easier said than done. All settings were messing with me, the camera messed with me, it was windy. Lit up my cigar and tried to do my best. Got a couple of shots but none of them that I was happy with and then the battery died! Going to share two of them anyways because I will try this again and nail it but at another place.

Captured a plane crossing the picture
Captured a plane crossing the picture
Airplane almost crossed the picture
Airplane almost crossed the picture

Oistins fish market and more drug dealers than women!

My issue with working continued on the next day (my last full day in Barbados). Got a full day that I tried to work on but without any result at all. I ended up at the Oistins fish market with Danny and a new hostel girl instead. Many people were talking about this place and how crowded it was every Friday. Lots of fish, people and hustlers.
Ate a red snapper, had some beer before we all went to the main event with a DJ who constantly yelled. WHAT’S UP OIIIISTIIINS!!!
I feel like the name Oistins really suits a fish market. Saw a lot of hilariously clothed guys. With like smilies on pyjama clothes, some tried to look G and cool but failed miserably. One guy had timbaland winter boots on. It’s fucking 27 degrees, who is stupid enough to import them to Barbados?
We were hanging here until somewhere between midnight and 1am. Took a taxi to the gap. Lots of hustlers from the fish market had also moved over here and they remembered us. We met one of the hustlers a week before and he still recognised us. It’s crazy how they can do that. I never remember anyone, neither name or look anymore. Not used meeting this much people. This is also a big reason I wanted and tried to study so much on Barbados. I felt like I had enough of people. At the gap bar, I got my strongest drink ever (exception is made for Finnish parties). And the price was almost too cheap to be honest. Then Robert came, the guy I played pool with two days before. Everyone was at the gap. He had some issues with his ex girl and we tried to sort things out. His ex was at the party and wouldn’t let Robert enjoy his night out. Went dancing with Danny and the hostel girl after trying to sort things out.
Many people on the dancefloor, but we hooked up with a group of Ecuadorians. Learned some dance moves and practiced my Spanish.

Things I missed or was too lazy to do…

I had plans on going to Bushy park to see some car racing, didn’t even go to Mount gay rum factory or one of the cigar factories. Concorde has a show room at the airport but I didn’t have enough time or cash on me to visit that place on my departure day.
Overall, my lazyness took over. Studying hard and all the heat exhausted me. I got nothing against heat on the outside but my room was boiling. Crazy humidity and 30-35 degrees with a fan that made more noise than it rotated. Even got, what I hope it is and still suffer from now (2 weeks later), pressure wounds on my ass because I was sitting for so long and the mattress had a plastic cover on it. So my skin couldn’t breath during night time while I slept. And sitting down many of the days on a plastic chair speeded up the process. I’m considering sharing a photo but it’s nasty. Maybe in the future, in one of the Brazil posts. I was one day away from going to the doctor and still thinking about going to the doctor even if it’s looking much better now.
Now I see that I don’t even have many pictures from Barbados. This is interesting. Will not happen again! I promise…

Just a random pic I took
Just a random pic I took on the way back from Crane beach!