El mano - The hand

Punta del Este

Bus to Punta del Este

When booking the ticket from Punta del Diablo, the lady told me that there was no space on the bus. Or that’s the little I could understand. But a girl that worked at the hostel I stayed at was going on the same bus and figured out that we could pay the same price but be without seats. On the bus, I met a Finnish guy. Think the last time this happened was during my first week of this trip in Puerto Rico. We went to the same hostel and had a beer.

Building between the bus station and my hostel
Building between the bus station and my hostel
Jack Daniels car
I totally love these cars. Seeing different kinds of modifications and paint jobs is always fun.
How would you describe this car? Is it a Golf model, an estate car, a mini coffin transport?
How would you describe this car? A VW Golf model, an estate car, a mini coffin transport or just fucking ugly?
Tits shop
Good name for a shop

Cabo Polonio

I wanted to go to Cabo Polonio but the bus schedules switched to low season mode on the day I was about to leave. This would’ve made it more difficult and time consuming. Also needed to attend to school on the day after, and with the basic lifestyle of Cabo Polonio, it wouldn’t be possible. Another reason to come back to Uruguay

Los Dedos

First things first! The hand or fingers, whatever people like to call it. Los Dedos or la Mano (one of the few words in Spanish with an exception on the el/la rule). Big tourist attraction. It was difficult getting photos without anyone on the pictures. Required a lot of patience and perfect timing. I should’ve brought my tripod with me, the street lights got a little bit blurry but overall, I’m happy with the pics I got during the day and sunset. Blue/violet lights light up the hand during the dark hours.

Punta del Este
La mano, Los Dedos, the fingers, the hand… Whatever.. Someone hiding behind the thumb
Punta del Este
Same angle but during sunset and without myself on the pic
Punta del Este
All five fingers during daylight

Peninsula of Punta del Este

During the days I walked around the peninsula of Punta del Este, exploring, finding places to eat and hanging out with my new sea lion buddy. Furthest out on the peninsula is the Point of East (Punta del Este). So many cool houses in the neighborhood. Also in the middle of the neighborhood, a lighthouse is to be found.

Punta del Este
Walking around the peninsula
Incredible amount of clam shells on the shore!
Incredible amount of clam shells on the shore!
Punta del Este
Streets and houses looks like from a movie
A good way to get wet
A good way to get wet
Virgen de la Candelaria. Don't really know the story about this one, tried googling too without good results.
Virgen de la Candelaria. Don’t really know the story about this one, tried googling too without good results.

Harbour area

On the first day I arrived, I heard that there were sea lions hanging around in the harbour area. Didn’t find them the first time I went there but the second time I found the fat ass!

Port of Punta del Este
Port of Punta del Este
Punta del Este
Me and the sleepy sea lion
Sleepy sea lion in Punta del Este
Punta del Este
Good view of the town from the harbour


The lighthouse is situated a bit differently than usual. My guess is that it’s been there for a long time and houses have been built all around it. The lighthouse was constructed with a special mix of volcanic sand from Rome. This ensures a long lifetime without much maintenence. On the same plaza as the lighthouse, there’s a meteorology station and a church (Parroquia la Candelaria).

El Faro
Lighthouse in Punta del Este
Estacion Meteorologica
Meteorology station, Punta del Este. Church behind the sign
Punta del Este
Mini palm trees in the plaza. Church in the background

The point of East

This is as far out as you can come on the peninsula. The wind was strong and I had to hold on to my sunglasses not to lose them. Seeing the Uruguayan flag was a big surprise for me. Hadn’t really any expectations at all. Got the brilliant idea of taking some photos while standing under the flag, and while walking towards and coming back.

Point of East - Punta del Este. End of Peninsula
Point of East – Punta del Este. End of Peninsula
Punta del Este
Looking back into town on the east side of the peninsula

Isla Gorriti / Isla de Los Lobos

Tried getting over to the Isla Gorriti but no boats crossed over anymore because of the low season. Isla de Los Lobos was a trip for $50 and didn’t really feel like paying for it. This money will be more worth in Patagonia the next half of this month.

22% cheaper with international card

Eating and drinking in the restaurants is VAT-free when paying with an international card. It seems that the restaurants, bars, cafés and car rentals have this benefit. It’s not only in Punta del Este. I think this offer is time limited to only the high season and a couple of weeks more. It’s not the first year the government gives tourists the possibility to get away without paying VAT.

Tried out some time traveling

This is really not my strong side but tried to age the photos to two different eras just for fun. Could maybe educate me a bit more on this subject and put down more time on the editing.

Punta del este
The oldest pic
Punta del este
A bit more modern

Came from: Punta del Diablo

Next stop: Montevideo

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