About me

Who am I?

My name is Toni. I was born in Sweden but my parents are from Finland. I started studying systems development after the summer of 2015. Doing all of my studies through my computer and the internet. At the same time, I’m taking the opportunity to travel as much as possible while I’m not being geographically bound anywhere.

Why do I travel?

I found out how much I love to travel after I booked a last minute flight to Dominican Republic at the end of 2014. I didn’t plan anything except for the first three nights at a cheap hotel/hostel.
My time there just flew away, had so much fun and met awesome people.
Did a trip again during the summer of 2015 with a good friend of mine throughout the balkan area. We visited Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Albania and Serbia. Not much planning except the arrival and departure dates.
Even though I’ve been to Thailand three times and to some countries surrounding Sweden, I was never really caught by the real feeling of traveling. Probably because you usually plan everything. Staying at the same hotel for the entire stay, maybe doing some guided tours. This is not really the way I like to travel.

What I do

My travels are done in a different way. I focus on different things than others, and have been trying to become a better photographer lately. Loving it more and more. Some of the things already 4 months into my travels that I’ve seen and done that is not usual for the ordinary traveler.

  • Saw a space shuttle being launched
  • Got imprisoned in Suriname for 8 days
  • Doing a 32h40min flight (A->B) with 5 stops
  • Visited the northern and southernmost cities of the world
  • Walked with penguins


Follow me on my journey around the world!

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