Last update of statistics
Days away from home: 146 (31 March, Puerto Natales)

Km by airplane: 31.550km
Km by boat: 854km
Km by bus: 1.799km
Km by rental car: 4.093km
Km as passenger in rental car: 184km
Km long distance taxi: 1.525km
Km by taxi within cities: Unavailable
Km prison transport: 687km
Km total: 40.692km (1.015x around the world)

Shortest flight: 25min (Trinidad -> Tobago)
Longest single flight: 9h15min (London -> San Juan)
Longest flight: 32h 40min (Tobago -> Trinidad -> Suriname -> French Guiana -> Belem -> Brasilia -> Florianopolis)
Longest boat ride: 30h (Puerto Williams – Punta Arenas)
Longest busride: 8h (Porto Alegre – Chuy)
Longest stay in a country: Brazil (64 days)
Shortest stay in a country: Paraguay (Dinner)
Maximum days without a flight: 27 Days

Most expensive accomodation: $100 – French Guiana (Just took the first best after my deportation from Suriname)
Least expensive accomodation: $10 – Brazil
Cheapest flight: $24 Trinidad -> Tobago
Most expensive flight: $450 French Guiana -> Rio de Janeiro (Last minute tickets are very expensive during carnival time in Brazil)
Lawyer expenses: $600
Bribes to gangleader: $65
Bribes to cops: $0

# of beaches: 38
# waterfalls: 15 (Falls from the same source counted as one)
# blue holes: 5 (I love blue holes and will find more)
# times I washed my clothes: 10
# nights I slept for free: 12
# times robbed: 1 (equivalent of $2 in prison)
# items of value lost: 1 (Telephone from my hand)
# of wifi connections: 125 (My phone is open minded)
# of countries visited: 12
# of stamps in my passport: 28 YYY
# of unique airports: 23
# of flights: 29
# of beds: 43
# of days in prison: 8
# of hospital visits: 1
# of dead people seen: 2
# of rental cars: 5
# of rental motorbikes: 0
# countries visited without airtravel: 1 (Uruguay)
# of different ATM locations in a row not working: 4 (5th try was at the airport, happened in Florianopolis, but common around Brazil)
# of updates of this post: 44

Furthest away from my hometown: 14.796km (Ushuaia)
Northernmost city: Longyearbyen, Svalbard (78.25 degrees) XXX
Southernmost city: Puerto Williams, Chile (-54.94 degrees)
Most populated country: Brazil (200m)
Least populated country: Dominica (72k)
Largest city by inhabitants: Rio de Janeiro – Brazil (6.4m)
Largest Country: Brazil
Smallest Country: Antigua & Barbuda
Timezones: -4 GMT / +1 GMT

Before this trip
# Countries visited: 17
# Total countries visited: 28
Timezone extremes: -4 GMT / +7 GMT

YYY = Have 3 stamps from before in my fresh passport
XXX = Visited Svalbard three weeks before my world trip


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